©1988 Guido Saladillo - End of the eighties I made a cartoon book. It isn't published, just because I thought some cartoons aren't good enough. And I couldn't find a publisher as well. Some cartoons were shown at a couple of exhibitions I did in the nineties, some are just lost, or thrown away.


Last year I illustrated a version of Freddie Brupan’s scenario Dr. Sphinx. A stunning crime story about a piano player, series murderer and the power and evil of family matters. 
©1996/2017, Freddie Brupan/Guido Saladillo


©2005/2017 Q.X. ORYX/Guido Saladillo - An alternative, unfinished version of the short comic SOBODA2 by Q.X. ORYX. Never published. Because the adult scenes some pages will be published by SEXIG.

Fritz Hofer - Gerlinde Menzo

©1989 Guido Saladillo

Jackie Jester (1993)

Mid nineties I have made some comics about an annoying boy called Jackie Jester. Back then I also worked as a music journalist. Almost 20 years later these comics will be published. Jackie Jester will also play a role in the upcoming TV cartoon series Princess Prompt (2014).

Nice, fresh, moisty illu

"Blurque!", said Floda Reltih, "Was soll das?"
©2013 Guido Saladillo, cc

Two timer

Two cartoons (theme: Love) I've drawed in 1994 and 1995.

Wat 'n piep tijden, een mislukte soap

©1995 Lucas Collins/Guido Saladillo - Lucas Collins and I started a gag strip for a tv-magazine but the gags were too explicite and too graphic. 

Varouna I

©1993 Guido Saladillo - Page nine is lost! I have written Varouna II late 2005 and I am planning to work it out next year. Varouna is a city out in space. A manufactured planet which is launched in 2046 (started as Virgin Planet, funded by Richard Branson)


Based on my scetches there will be published at least three booklets in the NEW FACE series. Published by ZVODO Productions, an small company which starts in Perth (Australia) next year. NEW FACE is set in the nineties, around the time Lucas Collins wrote the stories.


Among other artists I've made a version of Nastrowje, a story by Johan B. Vandenblink-Taselaar. This is the cover illustration.


© 1979/1989/1999/2009/2015 Guido Saladillo - Finally PLEKMEN will be published in 2018. Based on a story which I came up in 1979, I made a scetch in 1989. 1999 I have started to ink but did not finish it (almost) untill now. PLEKMEN is the first album featuring TRAEGH & DE SNELLE.


©1994 Guido Saladillo


©1991 Guido Saladillo


Cover EGAS - When three-fingered stand-up comedians want to put up the middle finger... Egas Sage is a sitting stand-up comedian who uses the power of comic strip elements (like onomatopoeia). (©2000/2014)


©2006 Guido Saladillo - 'Kopfsalat' is a series drawings I made of well-known people (depends where you're living) for a news paper in 2006. Next year I hope to continue 'Kopfsalat'.


Mis mejores deseos a todos - ©VaGĂ© (Idea: Guido Saladillo 1999)


Of ik Jeff Hanneman wilde spreken?, vroeg de persmevrouw van Universal, 'valt paasmaandag op 'n maandag", dacht ik en zei met een brede grijns 'Ja." Ik was op 't OZZFEST voor een interview met Mushroomhead en dat verliep prima. Hanneman (RIP) bleek een aangename gesprekspartner te zijn en ook al viel Kerry King  een paar keer midden in ons gesprek, niemand stoorde zich aan 't puberale gedrag van de andere Slayer-held. Rock Tribune publiceerde een deel van 't interview.